About Titus Nelson and the Holey-Moley Digger

The Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger was invented by Titus Nelson, a registered Professional Engineer in California.  He has worked as a Professional Engineer in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Ten years of his career was in the mining industry where he mined deep cavities for atomic testing and tunnels for water and sewer projects.  In addition, he worked as a smokejumper for the Forest Service and BLM. In his professional career, he worked as a mechanical engineer in the Aerospace Industry. He holds a patent on an automatic sandbag-filling machine capable of filling two sandbags a second. His familiarity with developing and using equipment for moving earth played a key role in the development of the Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger.

Titus Nelson – Professional Engineer - Inventor Holey-Moley Digger
Titus Nelson, PE is the Inventor of the Holey-Moley Digger.

The Digger

The Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger has a Patent Pending status.  The unique design fills the need for a hole-digger that fits in-between cheap post hole diggers and expensive industrial drilling equipment.  A single person using the Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger, can now dig straight, uniform holes up to 9-inches in diameter to depths exceeding 15-feet. The average person can dig holes to depths that far exceed that of the typical post hole digger.  For those that want to dig in a remote location, the company offers a Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System.

The Holey-Moley Digger is available preassembled or in a Do-It-Yourself kits
The Holey-Moley Digger is available in Do-It-Yourself kits.


The Digger Has Many Uses

The Digger has a number of uses including:

  • Shallow Wells 
  • Cache Tube Burial 
  • Construction Pilings
  • Engineering Soil Sampling
  • Landscaping & Post Holes
  • Mining Core Sampling

How the Digger Works

The Holey-Moley Digger is powered by a standard shop vacuum cleaner.  This provides the digger with super cyclonic airflow velocities suitable for excavating precision holes in hard packed clay, compacted soils with small rocks, sandy soils, and looms.

The Holey-Moley Digger with reamer attached for expanding holes to 9-inches.
The Holey-Moley Digger assembly with Reamer attached.


The Digger Is Made With Tough Metal Parts

The digger is made of precision heavy gage metal parts.  The parts can be assembled with standard tools. Metal is used where it counts for digging in the toughest ground conditions.

This Holey-Moley Digger is a lightweight, easy to assemble tool
This Holey-Moley Digger is lightweight and easy to assemble.


Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger Design

The versatility of the digger design provides individuals with the capacity to easily extend the digger length.  A reamer can be added for expanding hole diameters.  The digger can be assembled in just a few minutes.

The simplicity of the design makes for a lightweight easy to use earth-boring tool.
The Digger is an easy to use earth-boring tool.


What You Need To Purchase

The Holey-Moley Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger kits include everything except standard 6-inch PVC sewer pipe and 2-inch PVC water pipe. Both of hese are readily available at your local pipe supplier or hardware store.  A standard heavy duty Shop Vacuum is also required as described in the Equipment Requirements page.

A very effective 180 CFM Shop Vacuum with 6.5 hp and 14-gallon capacity and 2.0-inch hose
A typical 14 gallon, 6.5 hp, 180 CFM Shop-Vac.


A standard shop vacuum with 2 to 3-inch hose is more than satisfactory for digging holes.  The Digger with these vacuums can dig precision, smooth bored holes 10 to 15-feet deep, and 7 to 9-inches in diameter. Shop-vacuums with high flow rates and large diameter hoses work best. See our Blog for Selecting The Best Hole Digging Shop Vacuum, and for Digging Deep, Straight, Concentric Holes with a Shop-Vac.


The Digger produces straight, uniform holes 7” to 9” in diameter
The Digger easily digs deep, straight, uniform holes.


Underground Storage Tube Burial Tool

The Hole Digger can rapidly dig deep, vertical, straight holes that are suitable for underground storage. The holes are clean and less conspicuous at the surface making them easy to hide. Standard 6-inch sewer pipe is used as the digger backbone.  This pipe converts into a storage tube using the a Storage Kit.  This cache tube is perfect for deep underground burial of your valuables. There are a number of good Storage Tubes available to meet your personal requirements.  Many pipe suppliers have sewer pipe with damaged bell ends that can be obtained for free.  Just cut the bell end off and cut the pipe to your desired length.

A Reamer Kit is also available. Standard 6-inch diameter holes can be reamed to 9-inches.  These reamed holes are suitable for 8-inch storage tubes.  They can also be used for sinking 8-inch pipe to be used for a casing for 6-inch tubes. The kits include an easy to follow manual for assembly and operation of the digger.  Pipe samples are included in the kits to ensure the right pipe is secured for the digger and cache tubes.  The company also offers a line of caps for capping 8-inch PVC pipe casings.  In addition the company offers 6-inch and 8-inch cache tube kits that include pipe plugs with standard easy to remove caps.