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Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch


Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch

  • This kit provides everything you need except PVC (Primer & Glue) and 8-inch PVC D-3034 Sewer pipe .
  • Use this kit if you already have 8-inch pipe or intend on purchasing it locally.
  • The volume of the cache tube = 603 cu inches (0.349 cu ft) per foot of pipe.
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Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch

Underground Storage Plug Vault

This Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch with Pipe Plug provides everything you need for making an 8-inch Cache Tube except 8-inch D-3034 Sewer pipe and PVC primer and glue.  This kit is ideal for customers that already have access to the required pipe and the PVC (primer and glue).  This eliminates shipping heavy pipe and declaring toxic materials.


A sample of 8-inch D-3034 Sewer Pipe is comes in the kit for unmistakable selection of pipe from a local pipe supplier. Many pipe suppliers and many construction sites may have damaged 8-inch ASTM D-3034 Sewer Pipe available at no cost.  We also offer a Weapons Cache Kit 8-inch x 2 Feet Long that includes 2-feet of pipe.

Kit Contents

This Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch includes two 8-inch caps.  Solvent Weld glue attaches one onto sewer pipe forming the bottom of the cache tube.  The other cap makes a very nice slip fit cover.  A 8-Inch Gripper Plug is also comes in the kit to seal the end of the cache tube to keep out moisture.


A “Gripper” Internal Plug is provided in this kit instead of an End Plug as the end plug wing nuts on the End Plug will interfere with pipe caps with the potential of cracking the cap.   Internal plugs provide flexibility on position and can be adjusted to provide space for silica gel packets to absorb moisture that might accumulate in the cap area.

This Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch includes 20-feet of 550 parachute cord for lowering the cache tube into a hole, and 100-feet of pipe wrap tape to protect the tube and to ensure the joints are sealed.  This tape is made for underground applications with long life in a moisture environment.

Owners Manual

The kit includes a comprehensive owners manual.  It has information on digging cache tube holes, assembly  of cache tubes, and a discussion on protecting contents.  This is not an ordinary assembly document but a well written document with good photographs.


The Holey-Moley Digger web site has a number of YouTube Public Videos.  There are also a number of private videos available for those that purchase products.

For More Information

See our Public Videos page for more information on our digger and burial of cache tubes.

Our distributor Keene Engineering , manufacturer of gold dredging equipment, in Chatsworth, CA is now carrying some of our products.

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