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Holey Moley Digger Assembly 6-Inch


Holey Moley Digger Assembly – Shop Vac Assisted

  • No Drilling or Riveting required.  Components are complete, ready to use. Comes in a kit form that requires separate purchase of 6″ sewer pipe and 2″ PVC pipe.
  • Capable of digging 6-inch diameter holes 10 to 15 feet or more
  • Works with a Reamer for diameters to 9-inches
  • Works with Shop-Vacs (180 CFM or more)
  • Uses standard PVC sewer pipe, no gluing required
  • Includes all the required fittings and a detailed manual
  • Includes everything you need except readily available 6-inch D-3034 Sewer Pipe (recommended 5 foot lengths) and a 12 amp shop vacuum with a flow rate of 180 to 200 cfm.  We recommend you try your own shop vac first before buying a new one.
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Data Sheet


Post Hole Digger Assembly 6-Inch Data Sheet



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Holey Moley Digger Assembly 6-Inch – Shop Vacuum Assisted

The Holey Moley Digger Assembly 6-Inch is a shop vacuum Assisted digging tool that operates with a standard shop vacuum cleaner.  Due to high air velocities created in the digger head, the Digger has the capability of easily boring 6-inch precision, holes 10 to 15 feet deep in normal soils.  As a result of the precision design, the Holey-Moley shop-vac assisted Digger can rapidly dig deep, straight, uniform holes at a rate of 1 to 5 inches a minute. In addition, the resulting 7-inch holes can be reamed to 9-inches in diameter with the Reamer Kit.

Method of Operation

The Holey Moley Digger Assembly is a shop vacuum assisted, manually operated hole-boring tool that operates in loose to hard packed soils with gravel or small rocks. The digger does well in hardpan and hard packed clay soils. It also has done well in slightly damp soils. The vacuum does the hard work of removing the soil.  The hand work is an easy back and forth rotational movement that loosens the soil. Your shop vacuum does the rest.  Another benefit of the shop-vac is the pulverizing of the dirt.  In addition, the dirt is captured inside the canister leaving the work place clean.

Shop Vacuum Assisted Assembly Contents

The Holey Moley Digger Assembly 6-Inch is a Shop Vacuum Assisted tool that includes a pre-assembled Digger Head, shown in the product photo gallery, consisting of heavy gage, water jet cut metal blades, and a pre-assembled Handle also shown in the product gallery. Also included in the kit, are all the couplings you will need, a rivet gun and rivets if needed for repairs and a detailed manual.  The kit includes samples of 6-inch sewer and 2-inch PVC pipe that you need to purchase locally where it can be conveniently cut to the length you want.  This saves you the cost of shipping heavy pipe.

Easily Assembled

The easily assembled parts when hooked up to a standard shop vacuum cleaner become a robust, simple to use, hole-boring machine. Using your sewer pipe the digger will look like the fully assembled digger in the product gallery.  You will also need a Shop Vacuum described in our section on Selecting a Shop Vacuum. We also have a blog on Digging Holes With A Shop Vac.

You might want to consider purchasing our Reamer Kit if you want holes reamed from the typical 7-inches out to approximately 9-inches suitable for an 8-inch PVC pipe casing.   The Digger includes our all Metal Handle Joiner for added strength when extra torque is required.

Remote Operation

If you are intending to dig holes in remote locations where electricity is not available for an electric shop vacuum, our Portable Shop Vac becomes especially relevant. The Portable HVS engine driven blower/vacuum works exceptionally well with the digger by providing 180 CFM, equivalent to a high end shop vacuum.  Another benefit is its light weight coming in at an easy to carry 19 pounds.

Cache Tube Kit

If you are going to use the Holey Moley Digger Assembly option for digging holes for Cache Tubes, you might also want to consider a Survival Cache Kit 6-inch Threaded Cap with an O-Ring, or our Underground Storage Plug Safe 6-Inch.  Because of the unique design, both of these kits use the same backbone pipe as the Post Hole Digger.  As a result, your shopping efforts become easy.  Buy the digger and kits from us, and buy the pipe from your local pipe supplier.

The Digger Head and the Digger Handle come in this kit pre-assembled. The rivet gun and rivets come in the kit for securing pipe and couplings together when digging deeper holes and for unexpected repairs.

Kit Contents

  1. Assembled Digger Handle
  2. Assembled “Heavy Duty” Digger Head
  3. Welded Metal Handle Joiner
  4. Orifice Plate
  5. Manual
  6. 1/8 inch drill bit
  7. Rivet Gun
  8. Pipe Sample 2-inch PVC
  9. 2-inch PVC couplings
  10. Threaded coupling 2-inch
  11. 1/8 inch steel rivets (100)
  12. 1/8 inch steel rivet washers (100)
  13. 6-inch PVC pipe sample
  14. Vacuum hose adapter

For More Information

See our videos page for more information on our digger and burial of cache tubes.

Our distributor Keene Engineering , manufacturer of gold dredging equipment, in Chatsworth, CA is now carrying some of our products.

For more information on the Post Hole Digger Shop Vacuum Assisted Assembly, please give us a call. We are here to help.


Additional information

Weight 17.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 30 in

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when would you think this would be available?

Holey Moley Administration
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We are in back order but taking orders for all sizes 4″, 5″, 6″ now. Allow 2-3 weeks. If you are on the wait list we will consider your position by date. Call if you have any questions. Email me at 702-533-4363.