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8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover


8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover

  • Excellent for slip fit cap for 8-inch cache tube casing
  • Good for capping 8-inch cache tube ends – solvent weld
  • Durable, high strength, water proof cap
  • Ideal slip fit cover cap for cache tube sealed with a pipe plug
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8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover

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8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover


This tough 8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover provides a slip fit on an 8-inch D-3034 sewer pipe 8-⅜ inch OD.   It can be solvent welded in place using standard PVC Primer and Glue. It is durable enough to be placed in the vertical position with 3 to 5 feet of dirt on top.


This cap works exceedingly well as a slip fit cap to cover an 8″ D-3034 SDR 35 sewer pipe used as a casing for storage of 6-inch cache tubes. The casing can also be sealed with our 8″ Gripper pipe plug and the cap wrapped with a few wraps of pipe wrap tape such as Christy’s 10ml pipe wrap.


This schedule 40 cap is very sturdy and does NOT require a cover plate or cap stone on top when covered over with dirt. This cap provides the most durable, cost effective,  easy on-off slip fit,  8-inch casing cover for securing 6-inch cache tubes.  See our blog on “Capping Cache Tube Casings” for more information.

Cache Tube Casing Cover

This 8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover is ideal for capping 8-inch casings used for storing 6-Inch Cache Tubes.   See our 6-Inch Underground Plug Safe,  our SHTF Cache Kit 6-Inch x 2 Feet Long, and our 6-Inch Survival Cache Kit  All of these kits use 6-Inch PVC D-3034 Sewer Pipe.

Cache Tube End Cap

This 8-Inch PVC Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover is the same cap used in our 8-Inch Underground Storage Plug Vault and our Weapons Cache Kit 8-Inch x 2 Feet Long. In both of these kits, the 8-Inch Sch 40 PVC Sewer Pipe Casing Cap is used as a slip fit cover to protect the sealing pipe plug from dirt and moisture.  This is the most economic cache tube slip fit cover.

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Dimensions 11.25 x 8.75 x 6 in

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