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8-Inch Gasket Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover


8-Inch Gasket Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover

  • Excellent cap for long term underground covering of cache tube casings.
  • Easy to install with lubricant grease
  • Tamper resistant – difficult to remove
  • Water proof gasket seal
  • Learn more about the 8-Inch Gasket Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover on the Videos page
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8-Inch Gasket Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover


This 8-Inch Gasket Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover is designed for long life underground.  This cap has an excellent gasket seal for keeping out water and works very well as a top cap on 8-inch D3034 Sewer Pipe used as a casing for storage of 6-inch cache tubes. The Cap is 6-¼ inch high by 9-¾ inch diameter and fits sewer pipe 8-⅜ inch OD.

How To Use

This 8-Inch Gasket Pipe Cap Cache Tube Casing Cover requires some force or a mallet to install and to remove. We suggest using sewer pipe gasket grease on the spigot end of the pipe to make insertion easier. The spigot end of the pipe has a taper which comes standard on full 20-foot lengths of pipe. For cut ends, a taper can be added with a portable sander, pipe-beveling tool, abrasive disc, or a file. Removal of the 8-Inch Sewer Pipe Gasket Cap Casing Cover may be difficult as there may be a vacuum in the pipe and a vacuum release hole or valve would help.  A lever or pry bar will be required to remove the cap.  See our Gasket Cap video on the video page.

Recommended Cache Tubes

We have three 6-Inch cache tube kits available that work well inside 8-inch casings.  Our 6-Inch Survival Cache Kit has a threaded cap with a custom O-Ring seal to keep out moisture.  This kit provides everything except pipe and it geared for Holey-Moley Digger customers that already have 6-inch D-3034 Sewer Pipe used in the Digger.  We also offer a 6-Inch Underground Storage Plug Safe, our most economical kit, also designed for those that already have access to 6-Inch D-3034 Sewer Pipe.  The kit provides everything else you need.   In addition, we offer a SHTF Cache Kit 6-inch x 2 Feet Long.   This is a complete kit with 24-Inches of 6-Inch D3034 Sewer Pipe.

Alternative Cache Tube Without A Casing

We offer three cache tubes that work well without a casing, that have internal sealing pipe plugs and use a Schedule 40 pipe cap for a slip fit cover.  Remove the cover and unscrew the plug for easy access to the contents.  Our 6-Inch Underground Storage Plug Safe requires 6-Inch D-3034 Sewer Pipe cut to any length. Our 8-Inch Underground Storage Plug Vault kit requires 8-Inch D3034 Sewer Pipe Cut to length. We also offer a Weapons Cache Kit 8-Inch x 2 Feet Long with a pipe plug and standard PVC slip fit cap for a cover.

See our videos page for more information on our digger and burial of cache tubes.

Our distributor Keene Engineering , manufacturer of gold dredging equipment, in Chatsworth, CA is now carrying some of our products.

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Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 10 in

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