Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Holey Moley Digger. If you have additional questions give us a call at 702-533-4363. We’re here to help.

How deep a hole can I dig with the Holey Moley Digger?

The Holey Moley Post Hole Digger and the Holey Moley Core Digger both dig a hole up to 4-1/2 feet deep. If you want to dig a deeper hole, you can use our Tube Extensions, which come in 14”, 28”, 36”, and 48” lengths. Holes as deep as 20 feet are possible.

Other than what comes in a kit, what do I need to buy?

Your Holey Moley Digger comes almost assembled. No tools are needed to assemble your digger for digging. If you ever need replacement parts, a Phillips screw driver, a ½” box end or open end wrench, and a ½” socket wrench with short drive will be helpful.

The only required accessory is a shop vacuum that provides 180 to 200 cubic feet per minute (CFM). See our blog for more information on selecting a shop vacuum.

Do I need to call 811 before I dig a hole?

Each state has its own 811 call center to help you get digging. Choose your state to find information about your area. An 811 representative will take information about your project and notify appropriate utility companies to mark buried lines so you can dig safely around them!

Will the Holey Moley Digger dig in wet soil?

Our diggers are designed primarily for dry soils. See our blog for information on soils.

The Holey Moley Post Hole Digger works best in dry ground when the soil moisture is 10% or less. It will work in soils with more moisture as long as the clay content is low.

The Holey Moley Core Digger works in moist ground when the soil moisture is 10% to 50%. It will work in high moisture clay soils providing the sand content is high.

How large a rock will the digger lift?

Stones up to 1-1/2 to 2 inches can be sucked up depending on the shop vacuum flow rate. When the digging rate slows down or the digger is hard to rotate, pull it out of the hole and use the shop vacuum suction hose to pick up any loose rocks. Clean any filter before suck stones out of the hole to get the highest flow rate.

Will the digger work in caliche?

The Holy Moley Digger will not work in caliche. The term caliche refers to soils that are cement in nature, contain hard stones and rocks that vary in size, from gravels to boulders, and require considerable mechanical effort to penetrate. Penetration may require jackhammers, rotary drills, or tractor mounted augers. The digger will penetrate hardpan and hard clays with gravel as shown below.

What is the digging rate of the Holey Moley Digger?

The amount of gravel and dirt that is lifted by the Holey Moley Digger depends on the shop vacuum, the vacuum hose diameter, the airflow rate, as well as the type of soil and the moisture in the soil. With a good shop vacuum and good soil, digging rates of 10 to 15 inches a minute are possible.

In loose, dry soils that are mixed with small gravel, the uptake rate is up to 5 gallons every 10 to 15 minutes and up to 1 pound of gravel a second.

Will the digger cut through tree roots and rocks?

Your Holey Moley Digger will cut through small roots. If you encounter roots, pull the digger out of the hole and remove the roots, as they won’t go through the suction pipe. If you hit very large roots, you may need to choose a different location.

If you hit a big rock, the only option is to move the hole to a different location or use different tools.