About Us

Our Start

Titus Nelson is the inventor of the Holey Moley Digger. He got the idea after mining deep cavities for atomic testing as well as tunnels for sewer projects. He holds a patent on an automatic sandbag-filling machine capable of filling two sandbags a second. Titus wanted to create an easier, faster, and safer way to dig holes for homeowners, landscapers, construction companies, and more. We’re glad he did.

Our Manufacturing Partner

Keene Engineering, in business since 1955, is the world leader in portable mining and prospecting equipment. We chose Keene because they understand our customers right here in the USA. And, they have the know-how and facilities to quickly get quality products to you. 

Our Team

We’re excited to bring you digging products that you need, making your life easier and safer. Feel free to call at any time if you have questions about your products.