2-Inch and 6-Inch PVC pipe are needed to meet the Holey-Moley Digger Pipe Requirement.  Both of these are available at your local pipe supplier.  These can be cut to length to customize the digger to meet your own hole depth needs.  Cut your 6″ and 2″ pipes to the same length.  The sample 2″ pipe in your kit will extend the 2″ suction pipe above the handle to the correct position for attaching the vacuum suction line.

Standard PVC Pipe Is All You Need

Two sizes of pipe are needed to meet the Holey-Moley Digger Pipe Requirement. Standard D3034 6-inch PVC Sewer Pipe is used  the backbone of the digger, and Standard 2-inch PVC water pipe for the suction pipe.

Figure 1  Pipe samples, end view, included in the digger kits


To determine the length of pipe to meet your Holey-Moley Digger – Pipe Requirement, you must decide on the depth of hole you want to dig. An extra two feet should be added to keep the digger handles about two feet above the surface of the ground for ease of operation. The handle and digger head add approximately six inches of length to the digger overall length. Generally yur Holey-Moley Digger – pipe requirement can be met with one 20-foot section of 6-inch sewer pipe and one 20 foot length of 2-inch PVC pipe. What ever lengths you decided to cut your pipe to, make the 6″ and 2″ sections the same length.

A 5-foot pipe length works well for starting a hole. This puts the handle at approximately 5.5 feet above the ground and is easy to operate without a ladder or stool. After the hole is down approximately 3 to 4 feet into the ground, an additional 3 or 4-foot piece of pipe can be added, using the coupling supplied in the kit, to continue digging. The shorter piece can be removed and replaced with a 5-foot or a 6-foot section to continue digging deeper.

What seems to work best is to obtain a standard 20-foot length of sewer pipe and cut it into four pieces. Since the bell socket cannot be used, it can be cut off and discarded. This is approximately 1-foot long. You can cut the remainder of the pipe in two 5-foot pieces, one 6-foot piece with a remainder 3-foot piece.  Consider how much room you have in your car for transporting the pipe.  If you are limited to 5 feet, then cut your pipe into 3 5-foot lengths and 1 4-foot length.

Holey-Moley Digger Pipe Requirement – Example

The total depth that can be achieved with your digger will be the combined length of your two longest sections of pipe minus 1-foot. If you want to go deeper, then a few extra 6-inch PVC couplings will be needed. If you want to go to depths of approximately 15 feet, then it is recommended you cut the 20-foot pipe in a 10-foot length, a 6-foot length, and 3-foot length. To dig your hole you would start with the 6-foot length. When you dig down to approximately 3 feet, add the 3-foot length with the supplied coupling that comes with the kit. When you get to 7 feet deep, remove the two sections and replace them with the 10-foot section, and continue digging. When you get to approximately 8 feet deep, add your 3-foot section and finally replace that with your 6-foot section. In the end, you will have a 10-foot section coupled together with a 6-foot section, with a digger head on one end and a handle on the other end. The total digger length would be 10ft + 6ft + .5 ft = 16.5 feet. This will achieve a depth of approximately 15 feet with 1.5 feet extra for handle working distance above the surface of the ground.

The 2-inch suction pipe should be cut to the same lengths as your digging pipe. An extra piece 2 or 3 feet long will take the suction pipe above the digger handle. Two 2-inch couplings are supplied in the kit for making suction pipe connections.

Pipe samples are supplied with the digger kits to ensure proper pipe selection.

Cache Tube

If you are going to make a cache tube from your pipe, make sure your pieces are at least 6 inches longer than your planned cache tube length. This extra length provides some margin for squaring up the ends with a second cut.



Figure 2 Pipe samples included in the digger kit.


Figure 3  Pipe markings for six-inch sewer pipe


Figure 4  20-foot pipe lengths that are typically found in a pipe yard with bell ends.

Holey-Moley Digger Pipe Requirement

Samples of the pipe are included in your digger kit to ensure you obtain the correct pipe from your local pipe supplier.

Figure 5 Pipe samples, side view, included in digger kits