The Cache Tube Kit Requirements focus on required materials not supplied in the kits and hole dimensions for underground burial of the cache tubes.

Cache Tube Kit Requirements – Pipe & Glue

Several Cache Tube Kits require pipe and Glue or Glue.  These include, Underground Storage Plug Vault 8-Inch, the Underground Storage Plug Safe 6-Inch, and the 6-inch threaded Cap Cache Tube Kit.  Both of the two foot long cache tube kits, the 8-inch and 6-inch only require glue.

The Cache Tube pipe is readily available from pipe suppliers in the length you need and a sample of 6-inch D3034 PVC Sewer Pipe is included in the Cache Tube Kit for ease of identification. Many pipe suppliers have damaged pipe and you may be able to obtain it free. Just cut off a length long enough for your cache tube. In many cases, you can obtain a standard 20-foot length of pipe suitable for 4 or 5 cache tubes.

In addition to pipe, you will need solvent weld glue. Any PVC pipe primer will work but it is recommended that you use Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue to obtain better watertight seals. Primer and Glue are available at any hardware store or pipe supplier.


Cache Tube Kit Requirements – Hole Depth

If you are burying a cache tube, first determine the length of tube you will need. Then determine the cover depth you want over the top of the cache tube. The depth of hole required would be cache tube length plus cover depth or amount of dirt above the buried tube.

Total Depth (TD) = Cache Tube Length (CTL) + Cover Depth (CD). For a 5-foot long cache tube (CTL = 5 ft) to be buried 2 ft under the surface (CD = 2 ft):

Total Depth = 5 ft +2 ft = 7 ft

To dig a 7-foot hole your digger length will need to be 9 feet long, allowing 2 feet for the digger handle above the ground surface for ease of operation when you are at Total Depth.  Use two five foot lengths of pipe for your digger.

The same 6-inch pipe used for the Holey-Moley Digger can be used for your Cache Tube after you have dug the hole. If the digger will be maintained as a complete assembly, an additional amount of pipe will be required for the cache tube. Make sure you cut pipe in lengths at least 6 inches longer than the cache tube length if you are going to use them as part of the digger. This provides some margin to square up the ends with another cut.