Dig holes.

Fast. Easy. Clean. 

Get the Holey Moley Digger today.

Introducing the Holey Moley Digger

See the Holey Moley Digger in action. No more shovels, clamshells, or augers. Let the Holey Moley Digger and your shop vacuum do the work.

A digger for every job

For construction, landscaping, and fencing companies: dig holes for posts, fencing, footings, sign posts, soil sampling, plants, and more.   More >

For homeowners: dig holes for fence posts, deck footings, plants, and more.   More >

Dig holes in virtually any soil

Hard Clay

Soft Clay

Wet Soil

Dry Soil

Rocky Soil


“The Holey Moley Digger cut through hardpan clay with the remarkably strong blades. Our fence was done in no time.”

James R.

"Watching the Holey Moley Digger go into the ground defies logic. I get perfect, clean holes and there's only dust and gravel left in my shop vacuum."

Jessica C.

“My Holey Moley Digger did a great job sinking holes for cabin pilings. The eight inch round concrete forms fit perfectly the first time.” 

Robert J.